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                                       511 Skat Rat SOLD
Sire--Skat Kat                                                              Dam--A6 Daughter
Coming 8 year old Skat Kat son raised by Lyndal Hurst

                                 9622 Polar Penguin SOLD
Sire--Kingpen(Beutler Breeding)                               Dam-- Copenhagen Windmill Daughter (NFR Bull hauled by Beutlers)
 Coming 4 year old bull from Mark Ward, North Platte, Nebraska

                                           830 Pumped Up Kicks
Sire--Guidry Breeding                                                    Dam--Guidry Breeding
Coming 5 year old Guidry bred bull from Paul Daniels, Chico, Texas.
2012 Central States Finals Bull

                                         665 Juko
Sire--Houdini                                               Dam--Baker Breeding
7 year old Houdini son raised by Gene Baker
2x Central States Rodeo Association Bucking Bull of the Year

Sire--Kingpen(Beutler Breeding)                            Damn--Magic Carpet Ride Daughter(Kephart Breeding)
Coming 3 year old bull from Mark Ward, North Platte, Nebraska, ready for 2013 Derbies!
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