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Horses for Sale

These are just a few of our many horses for sale at this time...
for further information give Ronnie a call!!  618-267-5070
"J.J." is a 16 hand registered Red Roan Quarter Horse.  He was 6 years old this past May.  JJ absolutely has a license to fly and is good in the Bronc Riding as well as a Bareback.  From the 1st bucking horse he saw, he has never hesitated to go to one.  JJ has power steering hangdle and is dead broke for anyone.  He will pull and has been roped off of a lot but mostly used to pick up on.  Come try him and ride him any way....I've owned him 3 yrs.

"Wrangler" is a 
15.3 hand 1200 lb. gray and white registered Paint.  He is absolutely one of the best horses I have ever owned!!  We have used him in the Bronc Riding, Bareback Riding, Bull Riding, to Judge off of and the announcer opens and finishes the show on him!!  Wrangler is absolutely broke for anyone in any situation!!  He will pull his heart out and never hesitates to go to a bucking horse!!  Your M.C. can Grand Marshall him in any parade!!  Wrangler will clip, stand for a farrier, or stand tied to a bull pen tied with one rein.  Come try him anyway!  I've owned him 1 year! SOLD

"Badger"  is a 4 year old registered Blue Roan Quarter Horse.  I've only picked up 2 rodeos on him and only gotten 3 flanks off Bareback horses.  I've roped bulls off him and I promise, he will pull his heart out!!!  What is so impressive about Badger is how quick he learns and is willing to learn!!!  He is well started in Girls Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing (runs the pattern both ways...left or right handed!) He has been team roped off of and Dusti Lynn had him in Pigeon Forge this winter to do some trick riding off of.  Badger is just a super animal that anyone can ride and is so quick to learn...Come ride him any way!! SOLD

"Storm"  is a 9 year old Gray registered Quarter Horse.  He is 15.2 and weighs approx 1200 lbs.  Storm is a dead shot pick up horse!! He can be used in the Bronc Riding or Bareback, either way.  He never hesitatesto go to a buckin horse and will pull his heart out when roped to a bull!  Storm is also a finished header and healer in the team roping, though Wade has used him mainly as a header...Anyone that can set in a saddle can ride him!  This horse has the best handle and is just a pleasure to ride.  Come try him anyway!!

"Vegas" is a 15.3 Black Quarter Horse!! Vegas is approximately 100 years old and is about half ignorant!! He is not so much of a pleasure to ride and I would not recommend him for a beginner as he has been known to buck.  He will load in anything and will stay tied by a rein all day and stands quiet for a farrier!!  Vegas has rodeoed his entire life, either as a buckin horse or a pick up horse.  He does not have a very good handle and is not recommended for the judges or announcers!! VEGAS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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